Monday, June 27, 2016

Natural treatment for increasing penis size

You can apply many natural techniques and methods to increase the size of your small penis.
However if you really feel the need to increase your penis size, then you should try out these :
Here are three good natural penis enhancement techniques I recommend for rookies. Done properly and consistently, they should add close to an inch or two to your penis in six weeks.

1. Penis stretches: This one is very simple. Just take your flaccid penis and stretch it as far out in front of your body as it will go. Do it gently and gradually and hold it there for thirty seconds. Rest ten seconds between sets and repeat this at least ten times.

2. Jelqing: This is another great technique for rookies. Get your penis halfway erect, apply lubrication, and grip it tightly at the base with the thumb and forefinger of one hand. Slowly slide that hand up the shaft toward the tip, pushing as much blood into your penis as possible. When you reach the tip, immediately grip the base the same way using the other hand and repeat. Do this nonstop for ten minutes.

3. Ulis: This is a great exercise to increase girth. It is also very easy and does not take much time. Achieve a full erection and grip the base of your penis the same way you would if you were jelqing. Squeeze as hard as you can without causing discomfort. Your penis shaft should swell and your penis head should get big and shiny. Hold for ten seconds and rest for ten seconds. Repeat these three or four times.

Sexual problems in men

Sexual health is an important part of a man's life, no matter his age, civil status, or sexual orientation. It is also an important part of a couple's foundation and contributes to the quality of life. Sexual problems in men can seem taboo but they are very common.
The definition of sexual dysfunction is the inability to have a satisfactory sexual relationship. This definition depends on each person's own interpretation on what he/she judges satisfactory. In general, sexual dysfunction can affect the quality of life and, even more importantly, can be the first symptom of another medical or psychological problem. Any sexual complaint should be taken seriously and evaluated.

Physiology of sexual function

Sexual activity involves coordination between various systems of the body. Hormones and neurological pathways must be in sync for sexual desire to be present. Blood vessels, nerves, and penile integrity must all be present for an adequate erection and its maintenance during the sexual relation. Muscles and nerves coordinate ejaculation and it is achieved when the physiological passageway for sperm (from the testicles to the urethra) is present. Orgasm is a complex phenomenon that isn't completely understood but it involves the coordination of muscles and nerves. When sexual dysfunction is present, the physician must evaluate all the possible insults in this chain of events.

Diagnosis of sexual problems in men

Evaluation of sexual dysfunction starts with a detailed medical, sexual, and psychological history, followed by a thorough physical examination. The second step must not be overlooked because sexual dysfunction can have many causes. Sometimes, the patient's partner can also contribute to the evaluation, for she/he could provide useful information as well.

A detailed medical, psychological, and sexual history is acquired during the interview with the physician. Some of the questions that are asked can be intimate and might cause you to feel shy to answer thoroughly. It is imperative to give the proper information, even though it is understandable that it can take time to be comfortable talking about this. Having a good relationship with your physician is always helpful.

Some of the questions the doctor could ask might concern the frequency of sexual relations, your sexual orientation, if the frequency or quality of sexual relations are satisfying, and your number of sexual partners, among others. They will also inquire about nonsexual-related complaints.

A complete physical examination is performed including assessing the pulses in the legs and a thorough examination of the external genitalia (penis, scrotum, and perineum) and their reflexes. The doctor will look for visual field defects and might ask for laboratory tests or imaging.

One of the possible tests is a nocturnal tumescence test to evaluate nocturnal erections. Your physician might also ask for tests for penile blood vessel function or some tests of the nervous system to help differentiate between possible causes of sexual dysfunction.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Natural Treatment For Hairloss

Hairloss occurs due to excessive heat in the body, so to stop hair loss, the heat must be reduced.

Here’s how you can do that –

List Of Foods To Avoid – Avoid sour foods and hot potency foods. List of foods to avoid include – Egg, Chicken, Meat, Pickles, Ice Creams, Papaya, Pineapple, Curd, Colas & Juices. In short, avoid all sour, spicy and chilled foods.

List Of Foods To Include – Foods That Prevent Hairloss. Consume cold natured foods. Include lots of milk in your everyday diet. Milk not only reduces body heat, but helps in good hair growth and to improve the complexion of your skin. Include lots of leafy vegetables and greens in your daily diet routine. Consume more coconut and coconut milk contained foods.

Lifestyle Modification

  • Take oil bath regularly by applying cold natured oils like coconut oil, so as to check body heat.
  • Take enough sleep everyday to keep yourself smart all through the day. Don’t put your health at risk by staying awake all night with your work. How bad do you want your hair back? Go sleep well for the sake of your hair.
  • Apply some cool natural oil and gently massage your scalp for a few minutes everyday. It stimulates the blood flow in the hair follicles and helps promote hair growth.
  • Use of hair dryers can badly affect the health of your hair and may be the key reason to your hair fall. So do yourself a favour by reserving a spot for your hair dryer in your dustbin.
  • Stop using shampoos that destroy your hair, don’t fall for the ads. Excess use of the new age shampoos can have a very bad influence on your hair.
  • After bath, while using towel to dry out water, stop exerting too much pressure on head & hair, if your hair is weak, that in itself can cause you to lose more hair.
  • Avoid bathing in hard water containing salts and chemicals that badly affect the health of your hair.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sun, as this will result in hair fall.
  • Avoid excessive tension, stress, strain, over thinking, anger etc. Stay away from negative influence and things that cause mental agony, Stress, Strain etc.
  • If you have Alopecia areata, usage of onion, latex from calotropis and cactus etc over the affected areas.
  • If Dandruff is present, apply oils that treat Dandruff.
Are you already half bald or are you fed up of your hairloss ? Don’t worry, just try our homeopathic treatment for your hairloss problem.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Depression and Homeopathic treatment

Depression is a mental disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with everyday life for weeks or longer.

Signs of depression
Following are the symptoms of depression and if three to five or more of the following symptoms which persist for more than 2 weeks, there are chances that one might be suffering from depression.

Persistent low or sad mood, Loss of interest or pleasure in activities including sex. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, pessimism .Sleeping too much or too little, often feeling tired and feeling “slowed down?. Suicidal thoughts and attempts. Restlessness, irritability, anger and excessive weeping. Having difficulty in concentrating and application of mind.

Remedies of depression

Arsenicum album
Made from white arsenic, this remedy is indicated for people who worry unduly about their health or who are perfectionists and overly critical of themselves and others. They are at risk of depression if they fail to reach their own high standards. People who respond to Arsenicum album are often physically worse in cold weather, very sensitive to pain and suffer most between midnight and 2am.

Aurum metallicum
Made from gold and used for people who are workaholics with an excessive sense of duty. This renders them prone to despair, feelings of worthlessness and suicidal thoughts following a perceived failure in their work or personal life. People who do well with Aurum metallicum often feel better by walking outdoors.

Calcium carbonicum
Suits people whose outward strong, dependable and industrious appearance hides a shy and
introverted nature. Such people can be left feeling fatigued, anxious, withdrawn and self-
pitying by overwhelming work pressures. People who respond to this remedy, which is made from
the inner layer of an oyster shell, are chilly people who sweat easily, who periodically feel
sluggish and suffer with insomnia – especially when away from home.

Ignatia amara
Suits those who become depressed after trying to suppress feelings of grief, despair or
emotional upset at the expense of outbursts of hysteria or mood swings. People who respond to
the homoeopathic form of the St Ignatius bean may suffer from a lump in the throat and frequent
bouts of yawning. The remedy is often used after bereavement.

Kali phosphoricum
Benefits people who are normally clear sighted and extrovert, who suffer from the effects of
exhaustion from overwork by becoming shy, seeking their own company and flinching at sudden
noises. Alongside the change in mood they often develop muscular weakness, yellow discharges
and may wake early with hunger pangs.

This remedy made from snake venom can help depression caused by repression, jealousy or
suspicion. Suits people who hate commitment and confinement. They may worry about world affairs
and be very talkative. Lachesis may treat menopausal depression, particularly if the woman
feels worse on waking and suffers with hot sweats.

Natrium carbonicum
Gentle, unselfish people who care deeply for their family and friends may become depressed after a loss or disappointment. They try to hide their feelings from others, which does not help their condition. Constitutionally, they have weak digestive systems and a marked intolerance to dairy products. When suffering, they isolate themselves and may listen to sad music. Natrium carbonicum may help in these cases.

Natrium muraticum
This remedy is helpful for sensitive, refined, serious-minded people, whose inner feelings are strong and may be of anger, grief or fear of losing control. The manner in which they bottle up these feelings may lead to depression. They dislike consolation from others and appear stoical and controlled. They need to be alone to cry and can be moved to tears by music. People benefiting from this remedy often suffer from migraines and are fatigued by the sun.

Pulsatilla nigricans
People needing this remedy appear childlike with emotions that vary from moody and clingy to yielding and sensitive. When depressed, they cry readily and enjoy consolation and need the support of others. Pulsatilla is a useful remedy for depression due to hormonal changes after childbirth or menopause. The woman will often crave sweet foods and put on weight.

Sepia is made from cuttlefish ink. It is used for weary, irritable people – especially when
overwhelmed by their responsibilities to family members. They direct their irritability towards loved ones and have trouble in explaining their symptoms. The remedy is used for postnatal depression, loss of libido and menopausal symptoms, especially when accompanied by a sagging feeling in the pelvic area.

Suppressed emotions, particularly rage, that can erupt under severe pressure, can be helped
with this remedy. When the person is well they are mild and yielding, but they can be addicted
to work. A high sex drive is often present. Stress related headaches, toothache and stomachache are pointers to the use of this remedy.

Homeopathy Dosage

Select the remedy that most closely matches the symptoms. In conditions where self-treatment is appropriate, use lower potency 6X, 6C, 12X, 12C, 30X, or 30C. In addition, instructions for use are usually printed on the label.

Many homeopathic physicians suggest that remedies be used as follows: Take one dose and wait for a response. If improvement is seen, continue to wait and let the remedy work. If improvement lags significantly or has clearly stopped, another dose may be taken. The frequency of dosage varies with the condition and the individual. Sometimes a dose may be required several times an hour; other times a dose may be indicated several times a day; and in some situations, one dose per day can be sufficient.

If no response is seen within a reasonable amount of time, select a different remedy.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homeopathic Remedies for Chicken Pox

Antimonium tartaricum: 
This remedy may be indicated when eruptions are large and slow to emerge. The child feels sweaty, fussy, and may be nauseous with a white-coated tongue. If chest congestion with a rattling cough develops, or a bubbly sound on breathing, Antimonium tart is likely to be the appropriate remedy.
Antimonium crudum:
 A child who needs this remedy usually is irritable and may object to being touched or looked at. The eruptions are sore, and touching them may bring on shooting pains.
Apis mellifica:
When this remedy is indicated, the skin around the eruptions is pink and puffy and very itchy, with stinging pains. The eyelids may also be swollen. The person feels worse from warmth, is irritable, and usually is not thirsty.
This remedy is indicated when a child is hot and feverish, with a red flushed face, and eyes that are sensitive to light. A pounding headache may be felt, accompanied by either restlessness or drowsiness. The rash usually is red, with a feeling of heat and throbbing.
 When fever persists for several days during chicken pox, and a dry nagging cough develops, this remedy may be useful. The person’s mouth is dry, with thirst for long cold drinks. The person may be very grumpy, feel worse from motion, and dislike being interfered with in any way.
Mercurius solubilis:
 This remedy may be indicated if eruptions are large and become infected. The child is very sensitive to temperature changes and feels worse at night. Perspiration and drooling during sleep, swollen lymph nodes, and offensive breath are strong indications for Mercurius.
A child who needs this remedy is often sweet and tearful when ill and wants a lot of attention and comforting. Itching and other discomforts are worse from warmth and in stuffy rooms, and improved by cool fresh air. The person is rarely thirsty, even during fever.
Rhus toxicodendron:
This remedy is useful in cases of chicken pox with tremendous itching that is worse from scratching and relieved by warm baths or applying heat. The child may be very restless, both physically and mentally. The eyes may become inflamed and sticky. Muscles can ache and feel very stiff, also relieved by warmth and gentle motion. (Some homeopathic physicians recommend Rhus tox to people who have been exposed to chicken pox, to help prevent infection.)
 If itching is so severe that the person finds it impossible to keep from scratching—or if eruptions have a nagging, burning pain—this remedy may bring relief. The symptoms (and the person) become worse from warmth and aggravated after bathing. Both heat and chills are felt during fever. The person may feel drowsy in the afternoon and restless and hot at night.
Urtica urens:
  Eruptions with stinging, burning pain and itching may be relieved by this remedy. Symptoms are aggravated by exertion and from overheating.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Insomnia or Sleep Disorders and Treatment

  Having trouble sleeping? Find Homeopathic Remedies.

Nux vomica

Sleepless from rush of ideas. Cannot sleep after 3a.m. until towards morning, falls asleep when it is time to rise and feels heavy and unrefreshed. It is especially the remedy for those who drink too much, those who abuse coffee and tea, those who are subject to abdominal disorders and a sluggish portal circulation. It is curative in cases where sleep is unattainable except from a stimulant. The symptoms of Nux vomica are better after undisturbed sleep, worse when sleep is disturbed. Sleeplessness from mental overwork, from too close study, especially at night. Dreams full of bustle and worry.
Stupefying and unrefreshing sleep. Sleepy, but cannot sleep. Sleeplessness with acuteness of hearing, clock striking and cocks crowing at great distance keep her awake. Loss of breath on falling asleep. Bed feels so hot she cannot lie on it; moves often in search of a cool place; must be uncovered. Sleepy but cannot sleep with great drowsiness. Dreams of cat, dog and black forms. Pleasant, fantastic, amorous dream. Suffocative attacks during sleep like nightmare.
Coffea cruda
Nervous sleeplessness from rush of ideas, mental activity, awakes at or hears every sound after pleasurable excitement. In cases where there is excessive agitation of body and mind, and where ideas force themselves on the mind. The patient is wide awake, without the slightest inclination to sleep, and all the senses are extremely acute. It is the remedy when excitement or good news, joys or night watching causes the insomnia. It is well suited to sleeplessness in teething children, Sleeplessness from the bad effects of too good news. Is indicated in wide-awake condition; impossible to close the eyes; physical excitement through mental exaltation. Sleeplessness, on account of excessive mental and bodily activity. The greatest mental and physical exhaustion; great restlessness lying awake most of the night. Sensitiveness of vision, of hearing, of smell, of touch; sensitiveness to pain; it is most astonishing sometimes about this great sensitiveness. Wakeful, on a constant move. Sleeps until 3 a.m. after which only dozing. Sleep disturbed by dreams or by itching of anus.
Ambra Grisea
Sleeplessness arising from worriment of mind as from business trouble. The patient retires to bed feeling tolerably tired, yet as soon as the head touches the pillow he becomes wakeful. Before midnight sleeplessness. He cannot sleep at night, he knows not why. For several nights sleeplessness , and in the morning slumber full of fantastical dreams. Frequent waking at night. Frequent waking, and at 2 a.m. long uneasiness in the whole body, especially in the occiput. Uneasiness in the occiput after midnight. At night he wakes up with headache , which goes off on rising.  Very early waking; followed by frequently interrupted, but very profound sleep, with eyes fast closed. In the morning, in bed, weariness, with feeling in the eyes as if they were too firmly closed. Sleep restless, with anxious dreams. Retires tired, wakeful as soon as touches the pillow. Coldness of body and twitching of limbs during sleep.
Hyoscyamus niger
Sleeplessness from nervous excitement; the brain is full of bewildering ideas and images. After long illnesses and the brain cells are poorly nourished. Sleeplessness in children, who twitch, cry out frightened and tremble. Sleeplessness from overworked minds and without apparent cause may be benefited by Hyoscyamus. Hyoscyamus paints the mental town of its victim a brilliant and luminous red. The patient is jolly and wakeful. Sleeplessness from nervous excitement. Starts out of sleep, frightened.  Brain full of bewildering ideas and images. Sleeplessness in children who twitch, cry out, frightened and tremble. Irritable and easily excited individuals. Sleeplessness from anxiety or over - excitement.
Sleeplessness from nervous excitement, cutaneous irritations and external heat. The patient is drowsy all day and sleepless at night. Sleeps in "cat naps", wakes frequently. Restlessness of anaemic irritability. Long but unrefreshing sleep, in morning. Nightly jerking and twitching in body during. Nightmare. Sings during sleep and wakes up with singing. Cannot sleep during 2 and 5 a.m.
The sleepless conditions calling for Belladonna are due to congestion; sleep is extremely restless, as a rule it is interrupted by talking, starting, muscular jerkings and spasmodic motions; frightful images appear on closing the eyes and the patient therefore dreads sleep. Children awake from sleep frightened. Oftentimes there is a violent throbbing in the brain which prevents sleep. Frightful dreams, they constantly awaken the patient. Insomnia due to cerebral hyperaemia. Restless sleep during dentition; sleeps with eyes partially open; sudden starting, twitching, hot head and dilated pupils will indicate it. Sleep is extremely restless due to congestion in the head. Cannot close the eyes, as he sees dreadful images on doing so. Children wake from sleep frightened.
For sleeplessness in children due to severe pain. It quiets the irritability and the emotional excitement and the patient sleeps. It is also adapted to weak, nervous women. The sleep is tormented by dreams which are fanciful, vivid and anxious; the patient is hot and thirsty. Moaning in sleep. Great drowsiness is characteristic of the remedy, but cannot sleep. Sleepless due to pain. Nightly sleeplessness with visions and anxiety. Crying out, starting up, tossing about and weeping during sleep. Yawning and stretching.
Arsenic album.
Patient is disturbed, anxious and restless. Awakened by pains. Sleeplessness due to fear of air raids etc. Frequent starting up and twitching in. Somnolency in evening. Sleeplessness with constant restlessness and tossing about. Inability to fall asleep after once awaking at night. Anxious dreams.
Argenticum nitricum
Sleepless from fancies. Dreams of serpents, with horror. thoughts activity of mind, from : midnight, before.
It is suited for the insomnia of brain workers. It is indicated in business men who pass restless nights, awaken early in the morning and worry over their business affairs. It also is most useful in a state of alternate excitement and depression. Gelsemium has also sleeplessness from emotional disturbances, and after evening company. The patient goes to bed tired, but immediately becomes wakeful. It is especially suited to thin, spare men who are nervous and subject to nervous chills. Yawning, with stupor and inability to keep eyes open; with general numbness. Late falling to sleep, the nightmare. Insomnia from exhaustion and irritation.
Ignatia amara
Sleeps so light that he hears everything in it. Dreams all night of the same subject. Insomnia due to grief, anxious thoughts, sadness or any depressing emotions. Deep, stupefying. Sleep after the cough paroxysms. Restless sleep and great restlessness at night with a tremor passing through the body. Fixed ideas in his dreams which continue after waking. Child awakes from sleep with piercing cries and trembles all over.
Magnesium  carbonica
Sleeplessness from oppression in abdomen or from anxious uneasiness and internal fear, with a great dread of being uncovered. Sleeplessness from flatus, cutting wisdom- teeth, exhaustion. Unrefreshing sleep and feels tired in the morning. Dreams of fire, food, robbers, quarrels, money, pleasures, misfortune and dead persons.
Cocculus indicus
It is especially suited to light haired, timid, nervous and bookworms persons.  Sleeplessness due to night watching, nursing with worry and anxiety. Thinking of the business of the day prevents sleep. Spasmodic yawning. Sleepless from mental or physical exhaustion.
Aconitum  napellus
Sleeplessness from anxiety, restlessness, anguish and fear; child tosses about feverishly. Starting up in after midnight during sleeplessness, with constant tossing about from anxiety, and flightiness with closed eyes. Drowsiness, with inability to sleep. Disturbed sleep. Anxious dreams. Insomnia of the elderly.
Arnica montana
Arnica is particularly adapted to sanguine, plethoric persons, disposed to cerebral congestion, persons easily made train-sick or sea-sick. Sleeplessness caused by over-exertion and weariness of mind and body. Day sleepiness, with inability to sleep. Dreams of death, anxious and terrible, awakes in terror, then sleepless.
Sleeplessness at night on account of dry heat cannot rest in any posture. He cannot get quiet position. Nightly sleeplessness with anxiety, dry heat and frequent starting up. Anxious dreams. Wakes with slightest noise.
Ferrum metallicum.
It is adapted to young, anemic, pseudo- plethoric persons who look strong but are very weak physically. Restless, with anxious tossing. Great drowsiness and fatigue, with inability to sleep at night. Falls to sleep late in evening. Can lie on back only.
Muriaticum acidum
Sleepy, but unable to sleep; tosses about; dreamy and restless all through the night. Irritable. Continual snoring, groaning, tossing about and talking, with sliding down in bed, especially before . Frequently wakened by a chill early in morning in bed.
Sleeplessness or insomnia due to nervous break down. Stupefying, with profuse sweat. Insomnia with dilated heart, with cold, clammy skin and anxiety.
Senecio jacobaea
For sleeplessness from prolapsus of uterus. Uterine irritation during climacteric.
Cannabis indica
In obstinate and intractable forms of insomnia. An irregular sleep is more of an indication than absolute insomnia. Unconquerable day sleepiness; Un refreshing night sleep. Sleepless at night because of anxiety and heat as though dashed with hot water.
Kalium phosphoricum
Sleeplessness, especially during the latter part of the night. The patient is a nervous due to business worries and excessive mental exertion.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hair Loss

Hair-loss is again just an indicator that there is something not well in your body. The hairs may fall due to a local infection or due to a systemic disorder or deficiency. The treatment also varies accordingly. The following homeopathic medicines are often found indicated in cases of hair fall:

Alum,  Ars, Bar-c, Carbo-veg,  Flour-ac,  Lyco, Nat-m,  Phos-ac, Phos, Selen, Sep, Jabarandi hair oil.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Arthritis remedy....

Bryonia Alba. – Excellent arthritis remedy for pain with inflammation which is aggravated by movement and relieved by moderate pressure and rest.

Ledum pal. – Remarkable arthritis remedy for gout and rheumatism which is of ascending nature, better by cold application.
Rhus Tox. – Pain aggravated by first movement, damp weather and better by continuous motion.
Colchicumpain worse by motion touch or mental effort, better by warmth and rest.
Kalmia lot. – well known arthritis remedy for descending type of pain, pain with palpitation of heart and slow pulse
Guaiacum. – Gouty abscesses of joints, pain relieved by cold bath and cold application.
Calcaria Carb. – Arthritic swelling, knee pain especially in fleshy people which is worse by cold.
Benzoic acidgouty concretions of joints, knee pain due to abnormal deposition of uric acid
Hypericum. – Remarkable arthritis remedy for rheumatoid arthritis has outstanding action over nerve pain.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Depression and Homeopathy

Depression is a feeling of intense sadness that persists beyond a reasonable period of time, and is limiting the person’s ability to function normally on a daily basis. It can be characterized by a ‘sense of hopelessness’. (Louise Hay sees depression as ‘Anger you feel you do not have a right to have’). Depression may be triggered as a reaction to psychological or physical abuse.

We should be clear that sadness and joy are part of every day life, (and are different from severe depression and mania). Sadness is a natural response to loss, defeat, disappointment, trauma, and catastrophes. Sadness has many psychological benefits because it allows a person to withdraw from stressful upsetting situations to begin healing and recovery. Grief or bereavement are the most common and normal reactions to the loss of a loved one from death, divorce, rejection, abandonment, betrayal.

If this process is assumed to be wrong and therefore needs to be suppressed by drugs (often the busy GP’s answer) it can lead to depression being driven deeper into a chronic state. The process of healing becomes stuck, with all the added problems of drug side effects.

Homeopathy has many remedies that not only allows clients to process the trauma, but at the same time heal, feel and move through the process of depression.

It is important to consult your practical homeopath who will take your case history using a ‘time line’ to understand the context for your depression (they may have to start a weaning program if you have been a long term user of anti- depressants) whilst they use indicated remedies to support you to heal emotionally.

If you have not been on anti-depressants then dealing with depression homeopathically produces excellent results. Homeopathy provides a safe gentle, non addictive alternative to anti-depression drug therapy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Menstrual Disorders and Mental Weakness

 Mental Weakness

                             Weakness of memory attended with nervous debility

and spermatorrhoea are radically cured by Aswagandha Q, and Avena

sativa Q, 2 doses each in 5 drop doses. Abstain from coition till radical

cure is gained.

Menstrual Disorders

                                Asoka Q--- Is a specific remedy.

                               Senecio Q, 1x--- Should be alternated with Asoka Q.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hysteria, Hydrophobia and High blood pressure

                 Occasional fainting and semi-unconciousness.

Comfhor Q--- Let the patient smell it to arouse from swoon.
Passiflora incarnata Q--- To induce sleep.
Moschus Q--- A general remedy.
Hydrocyanic acid Q--- With convulsions and long gasping.

                      Terrified at the sight of water or shining things after bite of mad dog or jackal.

Echinacea Q--- Is a specific remedy.

High blood pressure

Ranwolfia serpentina Q, 1x--- A specific remedy.
Nux vom 1x--- In dyspeptics.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Piles, Bleeding from Lungs, Beri-beri, Bubo

Bleeding piles
                       Discharge of blood during or after stool with or without pain etc.
Blumia odorata Q, 1x--- Specific remedy.

Bleeding from Lungs
                                 Acalyapha indica Q, 1x--- haemorrhage of bright red blood in the morning and that of dark, clotted blood in the after noon with incessant cough at night.

Hamamelis Q--- Venous blood of dark colour.

Justicia rubrum Q, 1x--- Bleeding from lungs with paroxysms of cough in pthisical subjects.

Cyndon dactylon Q, 1x--- Alternate this with Geranium mac Q in all cases.

               Dropsical effusion in lower extremities,weakness etc.

Lathyrus Q, 1x--- To be alternated with China in all cases.

              Bufo rana Q, 1x

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Impotency and weakness of memory cure

Impotency is a male sexual disorder whereby a male can not maintain an erection of penis during copulation.
Loss of power of sexual intercourse.---

Avena sativa Q, Ashwagandha Q, Damiana Q.---
One dose each in 5 drop doses cures impotency, spermatorrhoea and nervous debility.

Avena sativa Q--------

It is very useful in weakness of memory and inability to fix his attention on any subject while thinking or reading with mental, nervous and physical debility due to excessive indulgence in onanism and masturbation. In such cases specially in students and mental workers of modern age, mix Avena sativa, Ashwagandha and Damiana all in Q dilution, each 2 drops in an ounce of cool water and use thrice daily for a month or more and abstain from sexual intercourse for at least 2 months and see miracles of these drugs.

Dr. Dheerendra Singh

Homeopathic secret cure for Hair loss

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Homeopathic treatment for Asthma, Acne, Anaemia, Apoplexy


Dyspnoea, difficulty in breathing associated with cardiac, bronchial or digestive affections.

Blatta orientalis Q ---During paroxysm and 3x in the interval in corpulent subjects of malarial origin.

Passiflora incarnata Q---1 dr. in paroxysm, one dose.

Cannabis sativa Q---Can breathe only when standing.

Makaradhwaj Q --- Specially when the heart is weak or affected.


Small pimpales on face with or without pain.

Nux juglans Q --- In young girls.

Kali brom 3x --- General medicine.


Loss of blood with pale or waxy complexion of face.

Ferrum phos 2x
May be assisted by Cale phos and Natrum mur in chlorotic school girls.


Rush of blood to the head with loss of consciousness and impearment of nerves.

Laurocerasus Q, 1x --- Specific remedy.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Homeopathic treatment for Abortion

This blog is some labour of many year's research, experiments and experience of Homeopathic Mother Tincture Therapy.

Haemorrhage from the womb in early months. Premature delivery of adead child in later months is called miscarriage.

Blumia odorata 2, 1x - Bleeding from uterus in gushes during or after abortion when all other remedies have faild.

Cimicifuga Q - To ensure the birth of alive child in expectant mothers who are disappointed due to delivering of dead children. 5 drops thrice daily since fifth month.

Helonias Q - Abortion with excessive bleeding and sensation of presence of uterus with weak womb.

Trillium 1x - Specific remedy.